• Pamac and pacman repos differ?

    Hi all!
    It seems that pamac and pacman use, to my surprise, different repos. Nowadays every time I try to update with pamac-updater, there is nothing to update. But when I run ‘pacman -Syyu’ right after running pamac, there usually are updates. So that indicates pamac and pacman must be using different repos.
    I think pacman uses mirror lists in /etc/pacman.d, but where does pamac get the repo information?

  • Pamac is only a frontend for pacman, I have the same issue here. The problem exists since the last update of Pamac about ~2 days ago.

  • yes pamac seem to do not update the db at the moment… but will get the updates after manual using
    sudo pacman -Syy

  • Pamac seems to work again after today’s update.

  • Works here too! Thanks!

  • yes pamac is back to work… and we get pamac-classic 6.0.0-2 on AUR if someone more like the old pamac (i do not try this yet)

  • @Noel Pamac is a frontend of libalmp, pacman is a frontend of libalmp. Pamac was in the past written in python, used the pyalmp. but now is written in Vala, and uses as pacman libalmp.

    The first gui package from manjaro was a frontend of pacman like octopi did, but these days pamac and possible octopi also go on libalmp.

    thats my 2cents :) is not a pacman frontend. :)

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