• Cnchi Rescue Mode [Idea]

    The ability to boot the iso/usb and enter Cnchi Rescue Mode which would allow you to restore/reinstall gnome and lightdm to Antergos default values. Ability to add or remove additional desktops would also be nice. Optionally restore grub to default as well although I have NEVER had an issue with grub. User could be prompted upon first boot if everything is working and would like to save defaults. Basically allow the user to turn pretty much everything back to default without losing personal data such as bookmarks or files.

  • This sounds like an excellent idea @underclock! However, it also sounds like an enormous amount of work for the @developers who I’m sure already have their hands full with fixing some install errors in Cnchi that have been cropping up all over the place for the last few days. Hopefully they can at least add this to their bucket list though😀.

  • Thank you for the positive response. The reason I ask is because as a Linux n00b I have been trying things like Gnome 3.26 ahead of time and just generally breaking stuff. It got to the point I had to install XFCE4 via terminal to downgrade gnome back to 3.24 because it would not play nice with lightdm or gdm after lockscreen. After installing the downgrade package I messed things up even further to the point gnome would load into complete black screen with only a mouse. After installing packages manually back using XFCE I have got gnome back to a very usable state but still has that Adwaita feel and look.

    Things I messed with:
    -Gnome Desktop Enviroment /etc/pacman.conf * 3rd party repository *
    -LightDM -GDM systemctl enable/disable lightdm gdm

    • dconf settings dconf reset -f /

    Things I learnt:
    Alt+Ctrl F1-F7 Cant be very useful
    Never format and start over like winblows!

  • devs are working on a DE setup package/script that can be used to install any of the Antergos DE also on existing installs, this would be working in your case too as i was thinking…

    But if you want to went back from [gnome-unstable] to normal repo you need to follow the instructions on the ArchWiki:

    If you enabled testing repositories, but later on decided to disable them, you should:

    • Remove (comment out) them from /etc/pacman.conf
    • Perform a sudo pacman -Syuu to “rollback” your updates from these repositories.
  • @underclock said in Cnchi Rescue Mode [Idea]:

    Thank you for the positive response.

    My pleasure😀. Antergos is for everyone, especially regular users like you ;).

    The reason I ask is because as a Linux n00b I have been trying things like Gnome 3.26 ahead of time and just generally breaking stuff.

    hehehe… sounds like a regular day over here😄. I tend to do dangerous stuff like that fairly often and learn on the go to. So inevitably, I get stuck having to reinstall everything every month or two! Glad to see that there’s someone else out there who does the same! (And sorry about all that trouble it sounds like you had. I certainly understand what a difficult process that can be, having experienced things like that 5 or so times).

    So with that, I wish you the best of luck with Antergos and an enjoyable experience! (That, and hopefully a system that can survive our type of aggressive tweaking ;)).

  • @joekamprad said in Cnchi Rescue Mode [Idea]:

    DE setup package/script

    This sounds perfect and most likely would have solved all my issues.

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