• Keeping home partition upon new installation issue


    I re-installed my antergos sytem today (gnome setup) and I did as usual when I reinstall my system, I kept my home partition (and mounted it as the /home for the newly installed system). I never had problems before.
    Before install, I renamed the .config and .local folders.
    This time, after the installation, I was unable to login into a session. I finally discovered the reason for this. I noticed the the subfolders into the newly created .config folder were owned by root, instead of user.
    So I did

    sudo chown -R nous:users .config

    and everything was solved. I wanted to report this, if it can help .


  • @papa33
    Thanks for reporting…
    @karasu this might interest you…

    Antergos (default OS) - WIN10 (abandoned)
    I3wm - Mate desktop
    AMD - A4 7300 Radeon graphics
    16 GB ram
    HD 1 TB
    Linux newbie since 06/2016

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