• Working on an Antergos-i3wm setup

    @Krugar Is there the possibility to easily switch between floating and tiling? Or one desktop space is floating and the other tiling?

    Then i could switch from Openbox to i3 and jump into you project. That seams Polybar at the top, i am used to Polybar, so can maybe help there.

  • @Bryanpwo Yes, i have missed the date of his latest post, from October. So, this project is gone?

  • @bartatantergos said

    I am now modifying my Antergos Openbox to the same setup and functionality as the Archlabs Openbox/i3 installation with Polybar and Rofi and that’s quite amazing!

    Long time since i tested archlabs, i don’t remember their OB config, nor heard about polybar. I’ll check it again! Thanks for the tip.

    @Bryanpwo said in Working on an Antergos-i3wm setup:

    A bit off-topic: I haven’t seen @Krugar for while on the forum.

    He disappeared all of the sudden, i hope he’s fine.

  • @fernandomaroto
    Me too… The reason I’m wondering is that he quite often mentioned in discussions that he didn’t have long… Again, I don’t want to speculate and I really hope he’s fine and maybe moved over to another distro and that that’s the reason for his absence.

  • Good point @Bryanpwo . I wonder where he went…

  • @Krugar where you are going?
    It is maybe also work to do for him ?

  • Offtopic:

    Last @Krugar post is from Nov 12th. Let’s wait a bit… if he doesn’t show up, we can try to send an email to him, just in case.


  • How do you get a clickable calendar in i3? Any idea how @Krugar did?

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