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    Yes anyway to download a bigger ISO to actually install Antergos? The reason is I live in the country and I have internet but it’s not unlimited. I realize this might not be an option but I thought I would ask. I tried to install it yesterday but I got an error and from what I read it’s because my internet is too slow.


  • While there’s not an official solution to this dilemma, @fernandomaroto has put together an “Offline ISO” one that allows the user to install Antergos without an internet connection. You will end up installing i3 with his, but then again, you can always install the DE of your choice later😀.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • @tpalermo30 I don’t know how much data you’re able to download monthly, but will a rolling release distro be the wisest choice for you?

  • You could be right. I might just try Ubuntu or one of those. I have 15GB a month but I know rolling release distro’s have a lot of updates. I really like what I have seen and heard about antergos.

    Thank you for your help.


  • I can recommend Zorin, with that one you also have the choice to choose between two DE’s you like. It’s in the customization menu, but it’s basically Gnome and KDE.

  • @Bryanpwo said in ISO question:

    I can recommend Zorin

    Same here😀. As far as the *buntu family goes, I would place Zorin OS high above the rest ;). It provides a fantastically easy experience and comes with a great theme pre-installed! Even their minimal version looks great, running XFCE. It appears just as elegant and modern as their Gnome version!

    But of course the choice is up to the user, in this case you. Whatever your tastes and needs are, I’m sure there’s a Linux distro out there waiting for you. That’s the beauty of Linux!

  • Thank you for your help I used Zorin a long time ago and I will look at it again. Is just plan old Ubuntu any good? I mean I know they are switching to a new Desktop Environment so it’s going to be totally different.

    Here is my main question when using like Zorin or anything that’s taken from Ubuntu like Linux Mint. Are they as secure as Ubuntu or like Antergos?

  • @tpalermo30 said in ISO question:

    Here is my main question when using like Zorin or anything that’s taken from Ubuntu like Linux Mint. Are they as secure as Ubuntu or like Antergos?

    Just as secure as using Ubuntu😀. All Zorin is, is Ubuntu with some better preconfigured settings and more options in the system settings. (thinking advanced theming options here) to make the user feel more at home. All *buntus are basically just customized copy cats of Ubuntu underneath ;). The only difference is usually a different DE by default or some different settings. But underneath all that glamour, they are just the same thing! (Except Mint and Elementary. Confusing I know😄. It is kind of like Manjaro vs Arch. While they are still in the *buntu family, they are straying farther from Ubuntu than the others due to their more stable, conservative approach).

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

  • @tpalermo30

    If you are legitimately concerned about security, then take a look at Qubes. Since you are desiring security comparisons between Ubuntu, Antergos, and whatever; keep in mind that Linux is ultimately as secure as you want to make it. When vulnerabilities are discovered in any distro, they will be patched as quickly as possible. There is no simple desktop distro that is guaranteed more secure than the rest.

    There are always security hardening options, and it does not matter which distro you choose. That said, if you are concerned about security, Linux is a fantastic place to start.

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