• Unable to open passworded .xlsx file


    I have problem opening .xlsx Excel file that was passworded in Windows. “Enter Password” pop-up is constantly shown although I enter the correct password.

    Does anyone know what could be the reason and how can I fix this?

    Thank you

  • @abcd_15 said in Unable to open passworded .xlsx file:


    it is the x at the end… better to save the files in a open format like .odt …

    It is possible to open .xlsx files with libreoffice e.t.c. under Linux but it is problematic, as there are different versions of it…

  • Then the password must be wrong.
    One reason could be the keyboard, there may be some differences for some keys, e.g. Numlock setting etc.
    So check your keyboard settings.

  • @manuel , the password is correct. I can open the same file in Windows with the same keyboard.

  • @abcd_15
    Then try writing a new excel file in Windows and encrypt it with a simple password, e.g. PASSWORD. Can you open that with libreoffice in Antergos?

  • @joekamprad the file was originally created in Windows that is why it has .xlsx extension. I use Libreoffice but I still get the same problem. I also tried changing it to .odt but it didn’t worked either.

  • @abcd_15
    By the way, can you open it with Libreoffice in Windows?

  • And then there are two versions of libreoffice in Antergos. You may try to change to the other version and see if it helps.

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