• Error on install


    Trying to Dual boot Macbook Air (early 2013) with Antergos.

    Got so far doing this:


    Then got a working usb tethering connection to try to install. After install I get:

    ERROR: device 'UUID=xxx' not found. Skipping fsck
    mount /new_root can't find UUID=xxx
    You are bing dropped into an emergency shell
    sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

    From grub prompt:

    (hd0) (hd1) (hd1, gpt4) (hd1, gpt3) (hd1, gpt2) (hd1, gpt1)
    ls (hd1,4)  # this is where I installed Antergos
    Partition hd1,4: Filesystem type ext*
    ls (hd1,4)/
    lost+found boot var etc proc sys dev run tmp usr bin home lib lib64 mnt opt root sbin srv

    As an added bonus: this computer does not like mate (Argentinian tea, I learned that the hard way by spilling some on it) and the shift key got stuck (this is the reason I want to install Antergos), so, I am having a ton of difficulties to input numbers and some chars like - (hyphen) and . (period).

    Tried this (from here, did not work):

    # emergency shell
    mount /dev/sda /new_root

    I am unable to boot from the live usb anymore, if I set the grub options to use the USB I always get a kernel panic (maybe I am not setting root correctly

    #grub prompt
    set root=(hd0) # this is the usb
    linux /arch/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda

    And I cannot do:

    # emergency shell
    mount /dev/sdb1

    because I cannot write numbers :(

    Help would be awesome.

  • @gorka said in Error on install:

    I am unable to boot from the live usb anymore, if I set the grub options to use the USB I always get a kernel panic (maybe I am not setting root correctly


    This sounds as you installed the system in your USB and not your HD, removing the Antergos iso, so not able to boot anymore…
    I have no experience using MAC, but saw many posts about dificulties on installing antergos in it.
    First i’d suggest to check the USB again (or reburn the iso) and then search the forum for some tutorial, i’m pretty sure you’ll find something…

  • @fernandomaroto Hey Fernando, thanks on your comment.

    The usb holds a live Antergos iso and I used it to install Antergos into the computer. I see why you would think that I installed in the usb and not the system.

    When I boot the computer without the usb, the grub ls shows hd0, hd1 as unknowns and then hd2, parts 1 to 4: EFI, MacOS, Recovery && Antergos - I do not know why the grub gives the usb the hd0 name when it is plugged in.

  • @gorka
    or maybe installed the system to hd but grub to USB? i don’t know… but you need an USB that can boot, otherwise you won’t be able to try other solutions (like reinstalling grub, etc)
    Unless someone has grub experience enough to give you some commands to try at “kernel panic screen”

  • @fernandomaroto said in Error on install:

    quitando el iso de Antergos, así que no poder arrancar más …

    Just, you need to install the system and this implies that you have well configured the partitions of boteo, root and home, in addition to necessarily the well-configured fstab file.

  • @gorka said in Error on install:

    So, I could finally boot from the usb with this (change X,Y to the correct number and partition - for partition look for the one labeled EFI - use ls (hdx,y)):

    set root=(hdX,Y)
    chainloader /efi/boot/loader.efi

    Will try to see what is wrong before trying to reinstall.

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