• gnome-control-center not discovering network printers


    this is a weird issue. If i want to add a printer with gnome-control-center, it will only list local printers. But then, if I type the ip address of the printer in the dialog box below, the printer is discovered, with all protocols available, and I can add it normally.
    Two remarks :

    1. this is working out of the box with manjaro, and I really can’t see the difference here, I’m almost sure I installed all needed packages, all needed services are running.
    2. The “regular” system-config-printer interface just works as expected, discovering automatically my printer (dns-sd).
      For information, I made an antergos base install first, and then installed my DE.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Just installed a wireless printer myself. I needed to Install drivers from AUR to get it to work. In my case a Canon Mg52xx printer. Worked like a charm.

    Whats your printer?

    Also, I personally really dont see any reason to Install a base-only version of Antergos. Arch is better for a perfectly customized linux Install. The point of Antergos is to make stuff easy. If you get something you dont want on the full installation you simply remove it. Pacman can resolve every dependency and remove them to If you want.

    pacman -Rsn <package>
    Removes your package and every dependency installed with it that is not required by other packages.

  • @papa33 said in gnome-control-center not discovering network printers:

    I made an antergos base install first, and then installed my DE

    then printer setup is on your own… it is only done complete if you choose cups as extra option on installation.

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