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    Not entirely sure this is the right place to ask but going to do it anyway.

    I am looking for a nice desktop app for Linux that provides calling and SMS VOIP. Now this can either be one of those free services like Fongo or a paid one. All the options I have seen are only on iOS and Android. I have to believe at least something out there has Linux in mind?

    The key being an actual desktop app. I don’t have a smartphone, only a Linux laptop.

    Ideas, suggestions?

  • I’ve always done “regular phone calls” and texting via Google Voice and Hangouts (per chromium.) This is a great way to call someone/some-company if you know you’re going to be on hold for 30+ minutes. Some time ago I believe Google “grandfathered in” previously-active inbound numbers so I’m not sure if you can still get an inbound number without paying a fee.

    Personally I don’t care about the distinction between chromium and “a native Linux app” if the function is the same.

  • I guess I should have added. I’m in Canada and Google Voice is not really possible.

    Also, I have no Google accounts and don’t care to have one. So it would be a hard choice for me if Voice was around in Canada.

    But yes you are right, if there is some web version service I am up for that as well.

  • Looks like that could be it but did it have to be a Gnome app…bah! lol

  • Calls which are made through VoIP has some quality concerns but it has improved with the time and the main thing is that it is cost-effective, we will see lots of virtual numbers which people use for VoIP calls are effective.

  • @kristiallen939 old thread and no question from you closing.

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