• Ctrl+Alt+T don't work?

    Hello community, I’m new user of Antergos, I want to use shorcut Ctrl+Alt+T before of open this topic I’ve reading and finded this: [Re: [SOLVED] Ctrl+Alt+t](https://forum.antergos.com/topic/137/solved-ctrl-alt-t/6 The problem is that when I acces to keyboard setting to add my shortcut is not appear at list searching for “Launch Terminal”, how can I do to fix it?

  • @Pedro, what’s your spoken language? Maybe we can speak in it. From your name It seems either Spanish or Portuguese. Am I right?

    It’s just that I am having an hard time understanding your post.

  • I remember in Ubuntu this was the default shortcut to launch the default terminal emulator. Your shortcut command may vary depending on which desktop environment you use. On xfce, you can map it to: exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator (exo on xfce uses your “preferred” terminal application, which by default is xfce4-terminal.)

    If you’re a long-beard gentoo guy, you can use xterm instead for a (lower OS-level?) tty.

  • @Krugar I’m apologize, my native language is spanish

  • @PedroFumero You should also tell us what desktop you are using: as you learn above, it is different between desktops. I am using Antergos with the gnome terminal and, yes, also I do not have an entry “Launch terminal” by default. Not a problem at all: you just create your own new entry. Whatever desktop you use, you will need to supply a “name”: can be whatever you want, e.g. “Launch terminal”. Then you will need to provide the command needed to launch your terminal. In Gnome, I simply enter “gnome-terminal”, which launches the standard gnome terminal. On the xfce, it could be xfce4-terminal.

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