• Ukraine is blocking the server Yandex

    Blocks for political reasons, but not talk about it.
    1.Can a developer for rank-mirrors in the territory of Ukraine do so that the Yandex server would not be offered? Whatever it was already in the distribution itself, and not in additional manipulations.
    2. https://antergos.com/try-it/ Also offers Yandex server for Ukraine.
    Because of this, it is more difficult for ukrainians to use Antergos.

  • So you do not mean this: https://antergos.com/wiki/install/installation-fix-for-ukranian-users/
    I would say you can go directly to sourceforge to download the ISO and choose a different mirror, bur sourceforge does not carry the latest ISO … So this should go to @developers as i think it should be possible to add an manual selectable mirror option to https://antergos.com/try-it (or simple optional list for downloads)!

  • I propose the same solution. (example)
    But it would be better it was already in the distribution itself.
    To distribute distributions, do you use only large providers? Our site is popular in ru-internet and we have our own server, which enjoy authority. Perhaps we could host for the users of Ukraine and Russia

  • @tuxnot To have a mirror in ukraine would be a good solution also ;) it is easy to setup a mirror :

    not visible for users… if you want to have the script ask a mod ;)

  • No access to view. First of all, we could host distributions for download. The time of updating programs is one of the best on the Internet. (I am updating the programs and with confidence I can say that it’s better for us only is the developer who published the program :) because we work almost 24/24 and we have customized notifications from direct servers)

  • @tuxnot said in Ukraine is blocking the server Yandex:

    No access to view.

    yes i was not aware of this, it is visible for mods only … it is only the script to sync the mirror…

    Also adding a link for ukraine to download the iso will be more then easy to implement on the download side…

  • This really sounds like something the antergos @developers might want to see😀.

  • Can you download my ISO without any problems? It’s on MediaFire here.

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