• ZFS root -- need guide for zfs and/or kernel updats

    Arch has some troubleshooting guidance on kernel updates if operating with zfs root, but wanted to know if anyone using antergos have any definitive instructions for updating kernel and even navigating any updates to zfs itself in the future.

    I ask as there was a zfs update recently that I applied and wasn’t able to get working (seems to have disappeared). Yet today I am seeing a new kernel and nvidia drivers as well which led me to see what the update path would be considering a zfs root.

    I guess I could just not update – does that involve excluding certain packages? But, if there is a simple process for updates I would prefer that.

    Thanks for any help here.

  • Hi,

    In Antergos, zfs modules are managed by dkms.

    There is a big flaw, though. Most of the time, dkms tries to build the zfs module before building the spl module, so it fails. If you don’t address this and reboot, you’ll not be able to boot your OS.

    So please, after every kernel update, build the new modules yourself manually issuing these commands:

    dkms install -m spl/0.7.2 -k 4.13.6
    dkms install -m zfs/0.7.2 -k 4.13.6
    • 0.7.2 is the current zfs version.
    • You must replace the 4.13.6 with the kernel’s version that has been just updated in your system.


    P.S. spl builds fast but zfs takes time. Be patient and go to grab a cup of coffee while builds 😁

  • @karasu i just put this to the wiki! zfs-under-antergos
    thanks a lot !

  • I strongly suggest using LTS kernel if you have your root system on ZFS!

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