• Nvidia driver and Kernel update problem

    Not sure if it falls under this thread but it seems close enough.

    I was on the current EOL Kernel. (Still have it as one of a few)

    Got a Nvidia update in the manager requires 4.13-1, so I tried Xen and Hardened kernel builds and both failed. Had a few hours to spare so it’s obviously custom kernel time. I decide on mainline 4.14.0-rc2 (append ARCH naturally) it fails however its just grey screen with mouse cursor (sound familiar?). I go back to 4.12.3-1 and uninstall Nvidia and install Nouveau, followed with a reboot. Success! the 4.14 kernel loaded just fine. On my DE I go on over to package manager and search to reinstall Nvidia drivers because a 1024x768 reso just doesn’t cut it. … !! Welcome to dependency hell. Nvidia requires 4.13 while i’m on 4.14 (okay then been here before).

    Anyway, I’m sure there’s a few workarounds but I thought this might be interesting to whoever reads it.

  • @spectralglitch said in Kernel got EOL:

    Nvidia update in the manager

    Do you have testing enabled??? nvidia is last updated on 5.9.17…

    !!! nvidia mainline driver needs to be updated after kernel (or together) it only runs with the kernel it is build on.
    For custom kernel use nvidia-dkms package.

  • @spectralglitch There is some problem with my AMD GPU with 4.13.3-1, too. My screen will flicker frequently, can we install the 4.14 kernel in pamac?

  • @s9209122222 has nothing to do with this problem! as user have the wrong driver installed for the coosen kernel…

  • @joekamprad Although they are different problems, installing the 4.14.0-rc2-mainline kernel solves the flickering problem, it is so unbelievable that a rc kernel is better than a stable kernel.

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