Hi all,

For as long as I’ve used Linux I have never been able to get Airplay to my Airport Express to work . It’s the main issue that keeps me from totally switching to Linux full time.

I read about a patched version of PulseAudio that was written so Airplay worked with the newer Airplay devices that use UDP instead of TCP: [https://hfujita.github.io/pulseaudio-raop2/]

I’ve also read that these patches have now been applied upstream and are included in PulseAudio 11 (11.1 currently included in Arch/Antergos)

In spite of this, I still cannot get music playing through my Airplay-connected amp and speakers. Everything works 100% from my Mac.

I downloaded paprefs and have enabled discovery of local Airplay devices.

My Airport Express and Apple TV are visible (twice for some reason) in Gnome Sound Settings as output devices.

However, when selecting either the Apple TV or Airport Express for output, no sound is ever played. The Test Speakers produces nothing. A track played from a music player never starts to play and just hangs. I have no password set on my Airport Express.

I’d love to be able to troubleshoot this and get this working!

I have researched a lot and it seems there was a lot of talk a few years about the patched version but there has been nothing of note recently. I can’t be the only one who wants to achieve this!

Has anyone else managed to get this working? I emailed the Pulseaudio developer but he has not replied.

Any advice/troubleshooting tips would be amazing!

Thanks for reading.