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    About to post a bug report with either XFCE or Arch because don’t think this is an Antergos issue (but it could be). Before do anything though is anyone else having issues with the lock screen button in XFCE? Lock screen button is not working at all for brand new Antergos install. xflock4 also does not work.

    Will check later if lock screen button works in XFCE on Debian Sid. Other than this tiny issue really happy with Antergos/ Arch!

  • @schnappi
    Hello there,

    I was able to find some info in the ArchWiki (more specifically, here). What I tried was installing gnome-screensaver through pacman and it seems to have fixed the issue.

  • During my own install, I couldn’t lock the screen (ctrl+alt+l) until I pulled up the xscreensaver settings, which would then run the daemon required to lock the screen. That was required on every reboot. I narrowed the problem to a missing entry in the list of startup applications (session and startup -> application autostart):

    entry: Screensaver (Launch screensaver and locker program)
    command: xscreensaver -no-splash

    So, what I did to solve the problem was simply add the same command to a different entry, something like “manual screenlocker.” One day (I’m assuming on an update to xfce4-session or xscreensaver,) the above entry finally appeared in the startup application list so I disabled the redundant manual entry. Never got to the bottom of it.

    Btw, just a bit offtopic, while poking around in the xscreensaver docs, I discovered that that application’s author never intended to make a “true” screen locker application since it may disclose overlay notifications and popups (say from a new email in Thunderbird or something.) You can try it yourself in your own xfce install with mixed results (depending on which screensaver you have selected):

    xflock4 && sleep 7 && notify-send "[potential information disclosure while the screen is locked]"
  • Thanks. Used gnome-screensaver only because it was smaller than xscreensaver which is only because xscreensaver actually ships with screensavers. All gnome-screensaver does now-a-days if am correct is blank/lock the screen. Which is what need.

    Switched from Debian Sid to Arch for desktops/laptops. For me the above is okay. However when install Linux for others things like this are a no-go. Unattended-upgrades partly solves this on Debian bases but only until a new version is released. Rolling Arch base is great because most people will never do a major upgrade and won’t do small upgrades unless its a super easy simple popup (which Arch appears to do).

    So bottom line does Manjaro comes with the lock screen automatically taken care of? Antergos is cleaner and for me but for others am thinking need to replace Xubuntu with Manjaro instead of Antergos. Will check in a virtual machine if no one knows off top of head.

    Thanks for solving the XFCE lock screen issue.

  • Manjaro does have the lock screen issue taken care of by default. Personally much prefer the minimalism of having to do this oneself However mentioned Manjaro because think it is more beginner friendly. Can’t really give a beginner an operating system where they have to do something to get any basic functions to work. However for me I totally agree this shouldn’t be baked in and like adding only what need.

    Still better to put someone on an Arch derivative though than Ubuntu.

    Need to reopen this issue and halt own side-comments though. Installing gnome-screensaver solved the issue on desktop but when installed gnome-screensaver on Antergos laptop locking causes a black screen. It is interesting that can still type password and log back in (so the screen is locked) but the lock screen is black instead of the user login screen. Any suggestions on how to resolve or has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

  • Just reinstalled xfce and had to manually add the autostart daemon entry again. Like I said before, who knows when this daemon gets properly registered in xsession – probably during an update to xscreensaver itself.

    I noticed xscreensaver wasn’t bundled this time and light-locker doesn’t do anything on its own in xfce. @developers – is this a somewhat recent change?

  • @d_K again open a new thread as this one is to old, no one will read this here…

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