• Kernel got EOL

    I was using the 4.12.13 kernel. But this got EOL and I am not receiving any updates. What to do now ? :(

  • @umarekanto
    Probably you can change to 4.9 kernel, it is a Long Term Support kernel.
    To install it, you may use for example antergos-kernel-manager, but if you wish to use pamac instead, install package linux-lts and optionally linux-lts-headers.

  • @umarekanto said in Kernel got EOL:


    next version is still in testing, but will reach soon…

    Version 4.13.3-1 in testing

  • Okay

    But I want to now stay with Linux-lts. Installed Linux 4.9 but it show 4.12 still in my system. How can I remove my old kernels? Tried with kernel manager but doesn’t work in removing 0_1506453944512_Screenshot from 2017-09-27 01-25-35.png

  • With pamac you can remove linux and optionally linux-headers.

  • to complete:

    if you have two or more kernels installed you need to choose the otherones on bootmenu by choosing advanced options and then the wanted kernel entry… if you remove the default one you will automaticly startup with the other one (LTS in your case)

  • @joekamprad 4.13.3-1 causes more bugs, hope that 4.13.4 will be released soon.

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