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    Sometimes topics are not well categorized. Hence my question: Is there a way to move a topic from, for instance, Installation to Kernel & Hardware?

  • @ludenticus you have to ask a moderator to do so…
    like this so they get notified:

    please put this to … @Community-Moderators

  • I see… Well, I guess that’s a decision of the Antergos web admin to make. If I had the choice to, say, flag it, I’d do it. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to worth the hassle. Thanks

  • You can flag for moderation as far as i know, i am only a mod and get the rights to do so, i do not make the rules for that ;)

    And as i think it would not a good option that everyone can move posts to another category… may o.k. if it will possible for your own ones, but i do not know any forum where users have that right…

  • My fault. I now realize that I can flag a post. Instead, I was looking for a way to flag the whole topic. Anyway, Instead of only Spam and Offensive options, there might be another entry Change category and then, select to which you believe is appropriate. Then a moderator can easily determine if the report is right or not.

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