• Dolphin Network/samba stopped after update

    I waited a few days since this started to see if anyone else had the issue, but after the 9-22-17 samba update,
    samba networks no longer show in Dolphin however they do in Thunar.

    Has anyone else noticed this and/or a solution?

  • The question should be anyone WITHOUT a samba problem??
    This is the 3 post about broken samba here…

    I do not use it, and investgating is like step back to the 90ies for me :(


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    how to add system logs
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  • Thankyou Joe for your help and the link, it did get me to where I am currently.
    I’ve never had issues with samba, even once, until now…
    …However, I believe it was caused by me in the first place, which seems to be the issue with most problems nowadays.

    A short period after my first post other bad things started to happen.
    The last thing that happened that was unavoidably noticeable, was my desktop was uninstalled when I booted up.

    I thought some on this and remembered I had turned on “Remove unrequired dependencies” in the Pamac preferences.
    I was under the impression that this would only remove things that where not in use. I guess not, unless it is broken somehow. It would seem this is a very dangerous button to flip if this is the reason for my woes.
    If this is the way this option is supposed to function, a detailed description of what’s going to happen would be nice lol

    I was able to use alt+F2 to get the run bar and start pamac and install KDE Plasma again, and have been slowly finding alot of things had been getting removed…I just discovered I needed to reinstall Spectale & Gwenview & kcalc as well after trying to do a screenshot.

    While I haven’t solved this through Dolphin yet, The Thunar browse network still works, but I found Smb4k to be quite a bit more powerful and cooperative during certain functions. It does things, for starters, previewing images on the shares where as Dolphin samba did not.

    Getting Smb4k set up was a little tricky but got my shares mounted samba was still working for me partially so I found my shares with

    $ smbtree -b -N
            \\MODOK                         Advanced Idea Mechanics
                    \\MODOK\IPC$            IPC Service (Advanced Idea Mechanics)
                    \\MODOK\The_Cosmic_Cube The_Cube
                    \\MODOK\Super-Adaptoid  200GB_Boot_and_Services_Drive
                    \\MODOK\Kubik           DVD Drive
                    \\MODOK\Infinity-Gem    Private Drive
                    \\MODOK\Deadpool        1TB

    After that I just opened mount dialog and copied and pasted, but had to reverse the \ to /


    I’m happy for now so I’ll mark solved.

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