• Anyone else having MATE issues?

    So, I grab the latest ISO, burn etcher the to USB and stick it in my desktop pc. Live system boots on, I update Cnchi to 0.14.293 and then I am off to installation land. I choose the MATE desktop because I liked, but wanted the rolling goodness that Antergos offers.
    Anyway, everything appears to install without issue however, when I boot into the MATE environment, I get cinnamon desktop. What the hell could this be?

  • Is there Antergos Cinnamon installed somewhere on the computer? Could it be possible that Grub 2 boots into existing Cinnamon instead of Mate?

    If Antergos Mate is the only system, installed on the computer, could you share the full output of two commands, independently from whether they finish good or bad:

    mate-session --version
    cinnamon-session --version
  • @charly_101 said in Anyone else having MATE issues?:

    Thanks, I’m sorry, the environment installed is mate-session 1.18.1, but its appearance is cinnamon and your start button. What’s happen with the antergos customization?

  • @charly_101 said in Anyone else having MATE issues?:

    …What’s happen with the antergos customization?

    I have no idea, because for the last time I installed Antergos more than a year ago. All DEs were customized in a zillion different ways since than.

    You’re probably referring to mintMenu. There are three more menu applets in Antergos Mate. Put any menu you wish in the panel, create as much panels as you need, place them anywhere you prefer on the screen.

    Mate is so flexible that it can be customized using only default components, whithout use of additional docks, launchers and similar.

    Take a look here.

  • I’m referring to this appearance, when install antergos mate environment.

  • @charly_101
    That is the default MATE appearance in Antergos. What you are seeing is not cinnamon, but rather a theme and icon customisation. The menu is the Advanced MATE menu.
    You are probably thinking its cinnamon because of the theme and icon set. I am guessing you might have seen Ubuntu MATE and thus you are confused, The themes make a huge difference!

    You can go to Control Centre-> Appearance-> Save the current theme (by clicking ‘Save As’ {because it is not}) -> Change to black mate (or anything else).

    The menu can be changed too. Right click on the panel -> Add to panel -> Brisk Menu (or whichever you like).

    You will probably be seeing the default appearance after this.

  • I understand, thanks a lots guys.

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