• Windows shares not showing up in Antergos

    @joekamprad Back again. :( https://forum.antergos.com/topic/7893/why-o-why-is-samba-such-a-nightmare-in-linux/12

    I ran the command you requested and went back about 10 minutes. When I click on ‘Network’ in Nemo I see, ‘Windows Network’, where as before, I’d see ‘Windows Network’ but also a few Windows boxes. When I double click on ‘Windows Network’, nothing happens. Well, it opens up to just an empty box in the file manager. No Windows shares. I know a new version of Samba was released today but I had the problem before I applied that update.

    Going to try and uploaded the data from that command.

    EDIT: Says I don’t have enough permissions to upload files?

    Using pastebin: https://pastebin.com/3uKvvu24

  • @RoadHazard said in Windows shares not showing up in Antergos:

    EDIT: Says I don’t have enough permissions to upload files?

    this never worked for me too… here i use this: "command" | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/\?u\=1

  • I can see here that there was some big updates aon windows (10 here) last month and to provide a share i need to produce a pin number and on the windows-client machine i need to enter this pin if i want to firstly open the share…

    Under Linux i can not enter this pin somewhere and try to open this share fails…

  • @joekamprad Still having the problem but I found a work around. When I clicked on the little magnifying glass (or something) and got to the “smb:///” box. I entered smb:///my server ip/d$/, (or maybe I removed one of the three slashes after smb?!) and I got prompted to enter my password to unlock the key ring. I did that and got an error about unable to mount the location. Then, I just removed the trailing slash and left it: /d$ and hit enter and my share drive popped up perfectly.

    With this work around, I’m happy. Weird but it’s working.

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