• Icons changed without reason

    Hi everyone! I am very new in this Linux word and I need help. I installed Antergos some time ago and I choose to use Gnome with Numix icons. Everything was awesome until yesterday. I was using my laptop all good, and then I just turned off after making some upgrades, then I turn on my laptop and all my icons have changed and I don’t know why. Even my folder screen has changed.
    I used to have something like this 0_1506030295276_866f704b-0831-40f7-8f42-1a23881ec019-image.png

    And now, I have this:


    The system is working perfectly, by the way.
    Thanks for your help.

  • For configure the Gnome Shell behavior and look and feel, we get gnome-tweak-tool:
    Bild Text

  • Thanks, that was all. Thank you thank you.

  • I was happy to help you!
    Have fun with tweaking !

  • Nice looking desktop by the way @renzocaam😀. It looks great! Do you know what themes you are using?


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