• Missing fonts in Light Table java/electron

    This only happens in the open file menus ect.


    Things I have tried

    After that last line in /etc/environment file

    This allowed me to open QT5 Settings which was broken for some reason.

    Generating a fonts.conf had no effect either.

  • @underclock you are running Plasma/KDE?
    I get also no fonts inside GTK based DE…

    May you try the git version…

  • But as i think ssue has nothing to do with gtk/QT as program is java/electron

  • Is there a shared font folder that java/electron can see>?

  • i have no nothing knowledge about Java or electron 💾
    But if you do not want to rebuild and tinker onto the code, i would wait for a fix at github…

    Potentially a problem with our (rather old) electron version given that the character encoding issue is limited to the file chooser, which comes from electron.

    But as i can see the PKGBUILD is last updated 17.5.2017
    last comments on it are from 2017-06-08 BUG is reported on this day… and no updates till then…

  • For a workaround I am using Sublime Text 3 Dev along with Anaconda

    The git version is the same.

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