• swap-less installatation

    Just installed antergos, out of curiosity (long time arch linux user here).

    I went with manual partitioning and was surprised the installation required to create swap. I am using linux without swap a long time, simply there is (usually) enough ram today.

    IMO the installer should be able to proceed without swap.

  • @purkrtadam Sorry but the only requirement partition from antergos is the /
    Make this partition and you see without create swap partition the installation progress enable the next button.

  • Hm, it really required to setup three things in my case - root partition [ok], efi partition [ok] and swap partition. Otherwise, I was unable to proceed (the button was grayed out).

  • @purkrtadam
    I just installed Antergos 17.9 to a virtual machine and it didn’t require any kind of swap.
    I chose manual partitioning, but you didn’t?

  • Oh, my bad. You are right and I was wrong. Misled by the icon on swap, I thought the swap was required. It is not. Again, my bad. Sorry.

  • @purkrtadam
    No problem, we all make mistakes. 🤗
    However, please mark this as closed if you think it is ok.

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