• Recommended Blu-Ray drive

    I would like to replace the existing DVD drive with a BD drive which should at least read BD disks of various usual types. I don’t know how much the region code is still a problem, but if there is a drive which can read disks of any region, that would be perfect.
    So such a drive working nicely in Antergos is wanted…


  • hi again ;)

    As i understand the issue on blueray is more software related then depending on the hardware:


    specially the process of decrypting is what make it hard to play bluray DVD.

  • Hi to U2!

    So this means it doesn’t matter too much which player I choose?
    I will be able to play my BD disks, but ripping them would be problematic? Did I understand correctly?

  • also playing can be a problem, if they do their “new keys are regularly published in a cat and mouse play” possible you get in this trap…

  • But again, it is the same which BD drive I choose?

  • as far as i know yes! i have had one (still lay around somewhere) a LG build in an shabby acer PC works without issue and this region code stuff is hackableand may do not effect today too…

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