• Ranking Antergos mirrors


    just wrote a bash script that ranks mirrors in file /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist. The link to it is:
    https://pastebin.com/Xd0AK5zf and it is available for a week. @Keegan was keen on creating a GUI for it, but naturally it is not yet available.

    The script goes through the servers in the original /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist file and creates a ranked list into that file. The original file is stored into /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist.startingpoint for later use.

    User may give options that affect what the script does. User may exclude countries (-x) or specific servers (-xs), and choose (-p) the protocols (http and/or https) for the servers.

    As the file behind the link states, it currently does not handle antergos-mirrorlist.pacnew at all. Do you think it should?

    Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

  • @manuel said in Ranking Antergos mirrors:

    it currently does not handle antergos-mirrorlist.pacnew at all. Do you think it should?

    That would be a great feature, but if it’s too much work, don’t worry about it😀. I’ll start taking a look at it right away.

  • @Keegan
    It is also simple to manually take antergos-mirrorlist.pacnew into account just by copying it onto antergos-mirrorlist.startingpoint. And not very hard to do it on in the script as well, but the problem may be that the format of .pacnew could be different.

  • Whatever you think is best then! It is your creation ;).

  • @Keegan
    I’ll look into it. If the script does not delete the “original” files, it should be safe since we have “backups”.
    EDIT: ok, it was simple to do. At least it works for me. ;)
    But for the time being the pastebin version above should be ok, probably changes in .pacnew don’t happen very often.

  • reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 31: $'\r': command not found
    reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 34: $'\r': command not found
    reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 36: $'\r': command not found
    reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 38: $'\r': command not found
    reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 40: syntax error near unexpected token $'{\r''
    reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 40: {

    This is the output on running it inside terminal…

  • Here’s an output of running it:

    reflector-antergos -x=China,Russia,USA,Bulgaria,Japan -xs=sourceforge,unizar -p=https,http
    Usage: /usr/local/bin/reflector-antergos [<repo> <arch>] [options]
    <repo>        antergos (default: antergos)
    <arch>        x86_64   (default: x86_64
      -x=X,Y,Z    Exclude repos from countries; note that
                  word 'Automated' can also be used.
      -xs=X,Y,Z   exclude server urls that contain any of strings X, Y, or Z
      -p=X,Y      Repo protocols in preference order (currently only
                  https and http are supported)
      -q          quiet, don't show progress info
    Example: reflector-antergos -x=China,Russia,USA,Automated -xs sourceforge -p=https
    Ranking https servers ...
    Automated Mirror Selection
       https://mirrors.antergos.com/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://wynsrv.antergos.info/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
    Czech Republic
       https://mirrors.nic.cz/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://mirrors.dotsrc.org/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://cinnarch.polymorf.fr/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://eu.mirrors.coltondrg.com/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/repo.antergos.com/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://mirror.de.leaseweb.net/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://antergos-mirror-a.alpix.eu/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://mirror.alpix.eu/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://ftp.cc.uoc.gr/mirrors/linux/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://mirror.nl.leaseweb.net/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://ftp1.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://ftp2.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://glua.ua.pt/pub/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       https://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/antergos.com/antergos/x86_64 ... done
    Ranking http servers ...
    Automated Mirror Selection
       http://mirrors.antergos.com/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://wynsrv.antergos.info/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
    Czech Republic
       http://mirrors.nic.cz/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://cinnarch.polymorf.fr/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://eu.mirrors.coltondrg.com/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/repo.antergos.com/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://mirror.de.leaseweb.net/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://antergos-mirror-a.alpix.eu/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://mirror.alpix.eu/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://ftp.cc.uoc.gr/mirrors/linux/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://mirror.nl.leaseweb.net/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://ftp1.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://ftp2.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://glua.ua.pt/pub/antergos/antergos/x86_64 ... done
       http://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/antergos.com/antergos/x86_64 ... done
    Ranking done.
    Install new antergos-mirrorlist as root:
  • @joekamprad
    Somehow the text file is in DOS format (DOS line endings). It can be converted easily with dos2unix.
    But I’ll also see if I can upload it in unix format.

  • Nice work @manuel!
    Here’s a few suggestions.

    1. Help output pattern

    You have quite a few calls to usage() only for the purpose of echoing a string. It’s not a big deal. But may make some users uncomfortable with the rest of your code. You should find ways to optimize that.

    One pattern for help display in scripts is a function making use of a heredoc string:

    showhelp() {
        cat <<EOF
    Usage: $0 [<repo> <arch>] [options]
        <repo>        antergos (default: antergos)
        <arch>        x86_64   (default: $(uname -m)
      -x=X,Y,Z    Exclude repos from countries; note that
                  word 'Automated' can also be used.
      -xs=X,Y,Z   exclude server urls that contain any of strings X, Y, or Z
      -p=X,Y      Repo protocols in preference order (currently only https
                  and http are supported)
      -q          quiet, don't show progress info
        $(basename $0) -x=China,Russia,USA,Automated -xs sourceforge -p=https

    You can now call this function from somewhere else in your code.

    2. Consistent options

    The presence of -xs can confuse some users. A usual convention is for shell programs to make use of getopts, which you don’t in your code but that’s fine. However, the principal motivation is for program options and arguments to follow the POSIX Utility Syntax Guidelines that in layman terms state, among other things, that a single letter options is prefixed with a single dash (-) and more than that requires a double dash (--).

    Double-dash options are usually aliases of single-dash options (for example -S and --sync on pacman) or unique options without a single dash (for instance, --force).

    So in your case, I would suggest you actually replaced -xs with -s. However for a better feeling of consistency, you could also replace the -x option with -c. So, c for country and s for server.

    3. Local variables
    You don’t need to qualify your variables with local unless they could override the caller variables. From a preliminary look at your script, I don’t see anywhere where this could happen.

  • @Krugar
    thank you for your comments!

    1. did you mean ‘echo’ instead of usage? There is only one call to Usage().

    2. option naming is sometimes a bit difficult. And true, -xs can be confusing, although you can see similar option naming in bigger programs, too. I’ll look into this and make them more consistent.

    3. It is a habit of mine to declare variables as local unless they need to be global (probably stems from my C/C++ background). Of course sh on some old systems don’t even know ‘local’ variables, but most Linux distros use bash anyway, even with the program named ‘sh’.


  • Also problems here

    [[email protected] ~]$ sh ~/Downloads/reflector-antergos_v1.sh
    /home/liveuser/Downloads/reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 31: $'\r': command not found
    /home/liveuser/Downloads/reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 34: $'\r': command not found
    /home/liveuser/Downloads/reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 36: $'\r': command not found
    /home/liveuser/Downloads/reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 38: $'\r': command not found
    /home/liveuser/Downloads/reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 40: syntax error near unexpected token$’{\r’’'home/liveuser/Downloads/reflector-antergos_v1.sh: line 40: {

    Why empty lines give errors? lol

  • @fernandomaroto
    Seems to be the same old problem, the file has DOS line endings.
    Can be fixed with dos2unix command.

    I’ll put a new version out with some other fixes hopefully in a couple of days.

  • Hi all!

    Now there’s a new version out! Check https://pastebin.com/Xipe1ETk
    It should fix some problems, e.g.

    1. use Unix line endings!
    2. option names are modified, use the --help option
    3. works somewhat more reliably than the first version
    4. it is shorter (due to structural changes)

    Try e.g. these 3 commands:

    antergos-mirrorlist --help
    antergos-mirrorlist --exclude-countries=Automated,China,USA,Russia --exclude-mirrors=sourceforge --protocols=https,http

    and look at the results in /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist. You should see a new file /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist.startingpoint (don’t delete it!).

    Note that in the end of a run it asks you to give the root password because it puts the new file into /etc/pacman.d/.


  • works seems a smart tool ;)

    #Server = http://antergos-mirror-a.alpix.eu/$repo/$arch                                    # downloadtime:    -1 status: server_issued_error                      Germany
    Server = http://mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/antergos/$repo/$arch                                  # downloadtime: 21.71 status: ok                                       China
    #Server = http://sourceforge.net/projects/antergos/files/mirror/$repo/$arch                # downloadtime:  2.73 status: outdated                                 Automated_Mirrors

    Would be nice to get the option to watch the new mirrorlist before saving it …

  • @joekamprad
    That’s a good idea, I’ll work on it.

  • @manuel this is like it looks inside fetchmirrors:

    Would you like to view new mirrorlist? [Y/n]: y
    # Server list generated by rankmirrors on 2017-09-19
    # Germany
    Server = http://mirror.metalgamer.eu/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch
    Server = http://mirror.f4st.host/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch
    Server = https://mirror.f4st.host/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch
    Server = http://archlinux.mirror.iphh.net/$repo/os/$arch
    Server = http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch
    Server = http://mirror.fra10.de.leaseweb.net/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch
    Would you like to install the new mirrorlist backing up existing? [Y/n]: y
    New mirrorlist installed - Old mirrorlist backed up to /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.bak
  • @manuel said in Ranking Antergos mirrors:

    Now there’s a new version out! Check https://pastebin.com/Xipe1ETk

    Checking it out right now! It soounds amazing😀.

  • @joekamprad and others!

    Ok, here’s the change Joe requested. You now have an option (–editor=X) to give your favourite editor in order to see the new generated mirrorlist before installing it. Also, the EDITOR environment variable is supported if you don’t use option --editor.

    And the old mirrorlist is backed up to /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist.bak.

    Download the beast from:


    you may use the --editor option like this:

     --editor="emacs -fw"

    so that editor options can also be given.

  • @manuel awesome!
    I will give it a try later!

  • @manuel said in Ranking Antergos mirrors:

    I would like to have this onto Antergos servers📩

    #Server = http://antergos-mirror-a.alpix.eu/$repo/$arch # downloadtime: -1 status: server_issued_error Germany

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