• yaourt VS. pacaur: what do you think?




    I was currently changing from using yaourt to use pacaur, after reading about and some issues i get with yaourt…

    If you compare the table it is:
    aurutils, bauerbill, pacaur and trizen…

    But as pacaur is working with pamac the same like yaourt … i would ask here what do you think about the disussion… ???

    yaourt seems not to be the most secure (on security) and not the most secure on the AUR build process:

    yaourt vs. makepkg https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2015-August/031314.html
    split-packages https://github.com/archlinuxfr/yaourt/issues/85

  • @joekamprad never used anything besides yaourt. I installed bauerbill to test powerpill when the version fom atergos repos wasn’t working.
    I’ll read the links you gave and perhaps test those alternatives in VM…

    EDIT: After reading all the links i can say without doubts that i have not enough knowledge to state any opinion. heehehe
    But i can say that bauerbill is under active development (i know since i read a lot about it and powerpill about a month ago), if you have any doubts/suggestions you can talk with Xyne https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=205834&p=8.

    Sorry if this offtopic…

  • I never used yaourt beyond some early experimentation. I moved from manual AUR maintenance to pacaur which I then used for about 3 years I think. And then to aurutils, August last year.

    To me none of the stated reasons moved me away from yaourt. I was unaware of them until recently in fact, when I did the transition to aurutils. Instead it was always the interface which I found too aggressive. I tend towards console interfaces that offer more information with less visual pollution. Pacaur seemed perfect and I also liked its KISS approach to AUR integration. Setting fallback=false on its config file being one of my favorite features that allowed me to isolate it completely from arch repos (I refuse to trade pacman for anything).

    When I did learn about yaourt weird problems I was skeptic. I couldn’t understand why it was a default choice in distros like Antergos or Manjaro and tools like pamac or octopi. So in all honesty I dismissed the criticism as most likely FUD… until just now that you shown me that Arch wiki table. So, I have now officially changed from skeptic to appalled.

  • in past i test few pacman and pacaur wrapper and now i only use apacman


    fast, simple, searching in pacman and aur repo, all configuration in 1 file when we can disable annoying message about edit PKGBUILD or disable prompt “Y” to install

  • @Krugar said in yaourt VS. pacaur: what do you think?:

    So, I have now officially changed from skeptic to appalled.

    This was what goes around in my head too!
    As i was giving users here yaourt command to build packages from AUR, i can’t do this anymore, but what i should give them? as yaourt is also installed by default, and will be used inside pamac

    I couldn’t understand why it was a default choice in distro…

    This is the same old reason like always, historicly, i was remember that Archlinux germany start providing yaourt inside the wiki for easy building AUR packages, and so a lot of users start using it, and it got popular. And it comes from Archlinux France they have it inside there Repo for long long time, easy to install… easy to use…But there was a lot other wrapper around …

    @joksik i do not try apacman yet.
    but apacman can not handle split packages and have no shell completion…

  • These answers summarizes my preference, pacaur over yaourt:

    [–]ChrissssToff 7 points 8 months ago
    I prefer pacaur because it asks all questions in one take, before it starts building your packages. You don’t have to tell pacaur in between of compiling that it may install this or that. So it’s a fire and forget solution like pacman.
    [–]orlfman 8 points 8 months ago*
    yeah it minimizes interaction, it defaults to sorting by popularity for search results, and its also post to be more secure since it doesn’t source the PKGBUILD first before inspection. since PKGBUILD’s are simple bash scripts, someone can be malicious by adding harmful code to trigger when someone simply sources it to look at it. you can also easily update git packages from the aur with --devel command.
    outside of that to the end user perspective, its ideology. the developer of pacaur doesn’t like newbies.
    AND FOR GODS SAKE, don’t ask questions to me. I’m not here to fix your freaking INCOMPETENCE. Or.give.me.MONEY. For paying support, see Paypal link in man page.
    https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/pacaur/ i understand where he’s coming from. you SHOULD have a basic understanding of the build system. it really helps for troubleshooting and saftey. but he comes off very aggressive and brash.
    i just switched from yaourt to pacaur recently primarily for i don’t have to keep spamming “y,y,y,y” and the extra security.

    But, I would like to see something official from arch linux. There are so many options out there. Hard to choose.

  • @psscnp142 said in yaourt VS. pacaur: what do you think?:

    But, I would like to see something official from arch linux. There are so many options out there. Hard to choose.

    Well, very likely you won’t ever read any official statement of this nature, being that AUR is not officially supported by the Arch core team.

    Personally I think you are safe using pacaur. It is included in the generally recommended aur helpers and the wiki page linked on the OP (which is the closest one will ever get to a community recommendation) indicates it is a solid application.

  • I’ve been using pacaur on and off for awhile, but my behavior didn’t change when using pacaur vs yaourt. When viewing a PKGBUILD, what would a nefarious executable script even look like - {[email protected]}? Yaourt has always worked for me, as well as pacaur, without exceptions.

    You can always view the PKGBUILDs on the Arch website before updating, but at an extra hassle.

    There’s a certain level of trust the end user must have in the OS they choose and the community supporting/developing it. I didn’t read through the Antergos PKGBUILDs either before installing Antergos. Maybe I’m more trusting than most, but at least we have options.

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