• New wifi card question.

    I’ve ordered a new wifi card for one of my laptops, do I have to reinstall Antergos or will it be recognized immediately after replacement?

  • I would assume it should be recognized automatically, but I’m honestly not 100% sure. Hopefully someone else here knows the answer!

  • Well the card will arrive tomorrow, so I’ll just do the switch and we’ll see. I think this is an unusual question, because I can’t find anything on it on internet either. I will report my findings back here.

  • @bpoerwo said in New wifi card question.:

    I will report my findings back here.

    OK! It will be interesting to hear what happens😀.

  • Thats a question ;)

    linux give a f*** about hardware changes most drivers and firmware (if needed) will be loaded on the run… while booting.

  • Great that saves time then😄

  • I had to replace my Realtek in my TP with an Intel card recently due to poor kernel driver support. Worked without any intervention on boot up.

  • I can validate @triode13 and @joekamprad findings. I’ve installed the new card and it got recognized as if it was there years ago!!

  • Yay!!! Good to hear😀.

  • pfffuuuh 😌 @bpoerwo chooses the right wifi-card!

  • 😆 @joekamprad Well I did my homework and went for an intel card.

  • Nice! I’m glad to hear it’s working so well😀.

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