• owncloud-client - how to use ist

    Hi all,
    starting the machine there is an autostart for owncloud-client. But I cannot reach the gui.
    First I tried to start it from the application-starter but than I found two instances.
    So I’m a little bit confused.

  • @semperlin said in owncloud-client - how to use ist:


    works here…

    how do you install it whatb is your DE?


  • @joekamprad
    excuse me for my not understanding the abbr. DE
    I installed it per octopi

  • DE = Desktop Environment e.g. KDE GNOME Cinnamon Mate Openbox XFCE

  • what happens if you try to start from terminal with

  • a - I’m using KDE
    b - /usr/bin/owncloud gives no text back

  • do you have ownclod configurated? then it should have a trayicon somewhere…
    You say you have it autostarted it if you do not have a configuration it may fail to start correctly, better to do not autostart and start manual to get the configuration done. (it starts configuration only on first startup)

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