I was just playing around by using the different Desktop managers on my old laptop. This machine was until last Easter my daily machine and it ran Linux on X11 very well, but since it became my “experimental” laptop I installed Gnome on it with GDM using Wayland. Now I’ve noticed that switching back to lightdm, sddm and gdm using X11 the screen glitches in any DE and returning to gdm with Wayland there’s no problem in sight. I even put the original webkit 2 greeter back and the same thing happens. It only happens in the DE, so the screen stays stable under Grub and the greeter (any of them).
Now this isn’t a major problem for me, as this concerns not on my daily driver and I have no problem using Wayland, but I just want to know what caused this sudden problem.
I’ve checked everything and there’s nothing missing in comparison with my other laptops.