• Can´t finish installation due to wifi problems

    Hey there!
    I am trying to install antergos via live boot usb.
    I can´t connect to wifi so i can´t finish the installation.
    I have no ethernet port on my laptop.
    My Network-Card is: Broadcom Limited BCM43142
    Most commands i´ve tried tell me-
    Warning: database file for “antergos” does not exist
    Warning: database file for “core” does not exist

    and so on…

    any ideas?

  • Do you try to disable ipv6?

  • But looks similar to this one:
    You can try to install the dkms driver + unload and load modules:

    # sudo rmmod wl
    # sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms
    # sudo modprobe wl

    But i am not sure if this works from live environment…

    Note for @developers also related to broadcom-wl package?

  • @joekamprad yeah, that´s probably the solution but doesn´t work with live iso (in my case). probably it is the easiest way to buy an usb ethernet adapter…

  • do you try? because it is possible to install temporarly, if files are not to big and process after install went fine…

  • yep, gives me errors…

  • saly i can do nothing jet for you… May this is a bug inside the ISO, caused by the broadcom driver package installed onto it.

  • @joekamprad no thing, thank´s for your help! arch wiki tells me: An Internet connection is the ideal way to install the broadcom-wl driver; many newer laptops with Broadcom cards forgot Ethernet ports, so a USB Ethernet adapter or Android tethering may be helpful. If you have neither, you’ll need to first install the base-devel group during installation. Then, use another Internet-connected computer to download linux-headers and the driver tarball from the AUR, and install them in that order.

    alas i´m to unexpirienced to do that without help…
    maybe it´s not that complicated, i don´t know, in the worst case i buy an ethernet usb port…

  • Yes yes, but you need internet connection, for Antergos Installer, but you may try the offline installer @fernandomaroto offers, you can download here: http://kamprad.net/Downloads (Maroto i3)

  • @HerrHorst
    what about the Android USB tethering? That’s not difficult at all! You get network with it very easily.
    You surely have a USB port in your machine, and an Android phone? I think iPhone is also able to offer USB tethering but not sure.

  • @manuel good idea! i need to tr< this, as it makes you able to use your wlan then…

  • @manuel yeah, i´ve got no smartphone but i can use a friend´s phone!
    and if that doesn´t work a usb-ethernet adapter will do :)
    thank´s ya´ll!

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