• How to install AMD Catalyst driver in Antergos


    I am using AMD Radeon 8730 HD. I often play games on Steam. So I need some hardware support for my AMD chipset. Any proprietary driver for my system ? If any, please let me know

    Thanks :)

  • @umarekanto When i was starting using Antergos i tried to install AMD drivers but never managed to. Some time later a new update to mesa added support to AMD, and i can play Steam games here without problems (Dota2 for example runs nice)

    you can check this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/AMD_Catalyst but i suggest you to test the procedures in a virtual machine first so you won’t break your system.

  • I am running a CAPE VERDE just like you (R7 250X, which is basically a HD7770) and I SUFFERED with this card and Linux a long time. First I wouldn’t recommend installing proprietary drivers (AMD Catalyst) on any OS other than Ubuntu (which is the officially supported distribution). It’s a complete hit and miss game even with the excellent Arch wiki describing how to do so. In my case I tried it once with Manjaro and completely destroyed my system. If you are willing to take a real dangerous adventure then look up forums and experiences of other people doing this, because there are surprisingly a lot.
    The open source radeon driver had very bad support for these cards some time ago and I had random freezes of the whole system without a user-side solution available.
    During the last year I’d say, more or less, there’s been a LOT going on to support these cards and other radeon models better and better and with the latest kernel and the open source radeon driver I am lately very happy running a stable system.
    I do not use steam, so I don’t know the support for that. If you’re worried about performance you can run the usual Linux benchmarks like glxgears, glmark or unigine. On mine it’s quite acceptable although it’s apparently no ultra high-end up-to-date gamer card.

  • @Deridjian You wrote detailed answer in which way we can install AMD catalyst driver in antergos. I appreciate your effort but i found some difficulty to download amd drivers and i think we must have a good source which have offer to download almost all kinds of software free of cost and in easy way.

  • @noahmason377
    Please note that I actually didn’t really describe any installing procedure regarding Catalyst. Please refer to the excellent Arch Wiki to do so.
    Before breaking your system read the WHOLE article and be aware of the risks you take!!!
    Arch (which is the base for antergos) has dropped official support for the proprietary AMD driver catalyst because AMD actually dropped support for xorg a while ago (that may have changed in the meantime, I don’t know) so chances are you will have to downgrade your xorg.
    This is no easy task to do if you are not installing a fresh system!
    Here’s the link to the article:

    That said, free of cost and easy way is your working open source ATI driver that came with your antergos install.

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