• When and why did you decide to try, stay with Linux?

    And what’s, in your opinion, the most impressive Linux DE achievements, since you’re using it?

    At the XP to Vista transition, the annoyances of the former did aggravate with the later. When enough is enough, one should search for greener pastures… so did I :)

    Evidence made clear that Linux was a better choice in terms of performance, security, running cost (software and hardware related) and time saving (to install, to tweak, to maintain). Also, the availability of choices among different Distros and DE’s was a plus. and all free :)))

    The best achievement about desktop Linux is that it just works!!! I’ll quote a forum moderator comment, a long time ago…
    Sometimes, something may not work to some. Don’t worry, come check later. Earlier or later, Linux developers will find a solution to your problem.

    That did proof right! To me and to many others along these latest 8 years.

  • @4ant said in When and why did you decide to try, stay with Linux?:

    he best achievement about desktop Linux is that…

    it values diversity, privacy, and freedom for the every day users😀. If a user dislikes a feature, they can probably find an alternative - even if that means a new DE. This goes hand in hand with the freedom aspect - being free to do so, which is something Windows does not have. In addition, it allows the users to maintain their privacy. In my opinion, this is one of the most needed features these days, what with things like the Google van being allowed to take pictures of your own backyard in bright daylight! Privacy cannot be found in many places in today’s world! Linux seems to be one of the last refuges in my opinion. I suppose I picked more than one achievement, but to me, they all seem to interlock with one another. Without freedom, you cannot have diversity or privacy it seems. So I suppose it comes down to that. Linux has achieved a level of freedom no other OS has😀.

  • It all just comes down to getting work done really. In my many years of experience with Windows I didn’t really thought that using a computer could be as easy as just installing the OS and being ready to go (especially some recent distros that come with a lot of pre-installed software that is quite useful), there’s also the fact that it’s really light-weight and you can get some serious performance bennefits (running Windows 10 in my core i7 4th gen quad-core laptop from 2015 with 8gb DDR3 machine is more than a fair bit slower than Antergos running with several programs open). And let’s not forget freedom and customization; it’s all great really. Ever since I started using Linux full-time around 9 months ago (Kubuntu) I haven’t really looked back.
    Oh and I lmost forgot, the amazing convenience that pamac brings like seriously. Want to install a program, library, dependencie, codec? Search, click, download, install. It’s just incredible how simple it is! And the best of all? Programming libraries and dependencies are there like 99.9% of the time so developing small school projects like the ones I do is really easy and straight forward.
    All in all, Linux is friggin’ awesome! Especially Antergos, I’ve fallen in love with it!

  • Do you remember Widows 2000 Pro, or at least ever heard of it? It was 64-bit, Windows Server - based edition, issued in English only, if I remember well. And this was the last time I paid for MS software for my personal use. I abandoned it quite soon, due to missing drivers to almost all peripheral devices, and never got back to Windows.

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