• Am I the only one trying youtube TV with chrome from the AUR?

    So now that youtube tv is finally available in my area of the US, I finally get to enjoy some fútbol matches on NBCSN and FS1/FS2 channels in glorious 480p “protected content” video. (480p is currently the highest resolution google apparently supports at this time. And only chrome from the AUR, no other browser – including chromium.)

    For the most part it works with occasional tears (radeon mesa option tearfree appears to not be honored in “protected content” video – regular youtube videos are fine.) DVR playback works pretty good as well (I can skip the boring parts during the 40 seconds of downtime in between handegg plays.)

    Here’s the issue: I always get an “aw snap” crash on extended playing. I can usually tell when chrome is about to crash because the process takes up ~20% cpu more than normal and upload bandwidth ramps up to a sustained ~50-100 KB/s. Already tried disabling HW acceleration. I can “turn on” crash reporting but Google is pretty sneaky about enabling this option – combining it with “report all telemetry to us”:

    alt text

    Really worth $37/month?

  • Here’s an update to this post in case anyone comes here on linux looking for more info. I canceled and would not recommend it (for now.) I sent a bunch of feedback that (apparently) was never responded to – which is fairly typical from Google. I think it’s cool we get a linux TV service choice at all (compared with Hulu and Sling) but again the issues I’ve stated above never went away after several chrome and mesa updates. I was happy to get rid of chrome as well. Too much strange network activity for me – even compared with the alternative: chromium. Maybe !rms was right after all.

    I might have to go with plan B: a tv tuner for free OTA. Stay tuned.🙂

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