• Need help with VLC

    Old thread here, which I sorta/kinda hijacked, sorry :( https://forum.antergos.com/topic/7784/why-do-people-hate-on-antergos/26?page=2

    @bpoerwo I installed openh264 and it didn’t help.

    To bring everyone up to speed; when scrubbing in VLC, when I let go of the slider, I hear audio but the video is stuck for a second or two and then I get a few seconds of distorted gfx and THEN the video plays fine. (See topic I linked to for picture.)

    I don’t have this problem with the Nouveua NVidia driver, only when using proprietary drivers. This problem appears across all distro’s I’ve ever tried. I asked for help in the VLC forum and it sort of hit a dead end. I installed the MPV player and no such problems.

    Any ideas? Anyone ever run into this problem?

  • Does the problem still occur when you disable the hardware acceleration in the VLC preferences? You can find this under video codec.
    You can also change the setting of the H.264 in-loop deblocking filter into all. you’ll find it in the same menu.

  • I can reproduce this here does not matter wich settings… VLC causing Screen freeze too some times on ff…

    Also the openh264 codecs do not change this, under Gnome and also fluxbox or i3WM i do not try under Plasma yet… Nvidia GTX710 prop. drivers

  • Then I’m out of options, unfortunately. the Nvidia solutions I cannot help you with.

  • Good news, I think newer Nvidia drivers have corrected the problem… so long as I use the ‘X11 Video Output XCB’ option. I know for a fact I tried ALL the different video outputs months ago when I first experienced the problem but now, using that output, no more slow seeking. I saw there was a recent Nvidia driver update so I tried again, and cycled through the video output options and BINGO!

    Case closed? :)

  • Good to hear the problem is solved. Welcome to Antergos.

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