• help, zfs broken upon update on MacBook Pro. How to fix plze?

    ![0_1504665689049_no zfs on update antergos1.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Hi.
    I don’t see a picture.

  • @markvjh may you click send to fast, needs a bit for picture to upload… If this do not work go to another imagehoster side and post the link…

  • @Modisc Hi, Sorry for the broken link to the picture, hopefully, it’ll load correctly this time.
    [alt text](![0_1504722944631_no zfs on update antergos.jpg]

  • @markvjh Check your syntax. You got your formatting mixed up. Formatting in the forum editor should be like this:
    ![Porco Rosso Avatar](https://i.imgur.com/IG6924F.png)

    Porco Rosso Avatar

    Also you might want to read through my answer to another thread on ZFS failing while updating which is kind of advanced though.

  • @Deridjian Hi and many Thanks for all your help via the excellent Antergos forum.
    After reading various pages and information on repairing ZFS, I realised it was easier to just wipe/reformat my 2nd 2TB hard drive of ZFS and reformat it to ext4, so all back up and running Dual Boot Antergos (main OS) and MacOs 10.13 on my 2011 MacBook Pro 8,1.
    Very impressed by the prompt help and ease of re-installing Antergos. Man
    Lesson learned,

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