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    Today, while I was upgrading my system, it failed. Seems like antergos-wallpapers-extra is to blame. pacman complains about pgp signatures.

    I simply added this package to IgnorePkg to proceed with the upgrade.

    Edit: I just realized there is another thread for this. Please ignore!

  • md5 and sha256 signatures mismatch (taken from pacman -Sii ), pgp seems to be ok. this seems to affect more packages recently updated i.e antergos-desktop antergos-cinnamon-setup

    ~/Downloads » sudo pacman -Sii antergos-wallpapers-extra
    Repository      : antergos
    Name            : antergos-wallpapers-extra
    Version         : 0.3-1
    MD5 Sum         : e7f91fcee59c5d60d44f8de1d73adffa
    SHA-256 Sum     : 7202b028c991aa7b71c9c740fecac4f9c04fe3ee47025cdf44a458e8f1f67928
    Signatures      : CDBD406AA1AA7A1D
    ~/Downloads » md5sum antergos-wallpapers-extra-0.3-1-any.pkg.tar.xz
    797c7b3049ecffe2af9dc899ec8675e8  antergos-wallpapers-extra-0.3-1-any.pkg.tar.xz
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