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    Forgive me if this is not the right subforum.

    We have two iphones 5 and 6. I can easily access the content of any one of them typing
    $ifuse /home/roger/iphone

    1. However I need to use sudo to umount it. Why?

    2. Once dismounted, I cannot plug the second iphone without rebooting Antergos even using the first command. Why? I tried without success a mount command (not in /etc/fstab)

    Thanks for any info about the right commands to use.

  • @roger64 said in Accessing a second iphone:


    do you do:
    $ sudo modprobe fuse before mounting? or loading fuse another way?

  • Once I did use the command sudo umount … this is what I get.
    sudo mount … is unsuccessful because the link is not in the /etc/fstab.

    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo modprobe fuse
    [[email protected] ~]$ ifuse /home/roger/iphone
    No device found, is it connected?
    If it is make sure that your user has permissions to access the raw usb device.
    If you’re still having issues try unplugging the device and reconnecting it.
    [[email protected] ~]$

    In this case, the only solution I’ve found is rebooting. After that the following command works again correctly.
    [[email protected] ~]$ ifuse /home/roger/iphone

  • @roger64 said in Accessing a second iphone:


    with mount i mean ifuse as it is mounting the device…

    And as i read make shure that the device is unlocked while you want to use ifuse…

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