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    here is my thread before:
    [https://forum.antergos.com/search?term=fstab&in=titlesposts](link url)
    This is always good, when the nas is online.
    But my nas is not always online.
    When the nas is offline, then after booting thunar is not responible and hang off.
    What must is change on fstab, so that thunar is responible when nas is offline.

  • Hi,

    The easiest option you have is to set the noauto option in fstab for those mounts. Then, thunar will mount them when you tell it to do it.

    But the system won’t mount them until you do it (manually or with thunar)

    If you want, you can tell systemd to automount it when accessed:

    But if you access it and NAS is off it will fail.

    The other option (which is what I use), is to use autofs:

    I use NFS instead of CIFS, but I’m in your situation (sometimes I do not start my nas, only my computer).

    It’s not difficult to setup, believe me. Check the Samba section.


  • thanks karasu, this helps

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