• Problems with the four xbox 360 control LEDs

    Hello, good morning. I’m having trouble with an xbox 360 control. It’s wireless. Every time I restart Antergos I must reconnect the control because if they don’t light all four lights at the same time. I installed steamos-xpad-dkms and xboxdrv getting the same result. I tried to follow the recommendations of arch wiki without success.


  • @clerafel said in Problems with the four xbox 360 control LEDs:

    xbox 360 control

    If you want to use xboxdrv you need to uninstall steamos-xpad-dkms and reboot, before try it…

  • Thank you first of all for the answer.

    I want all four lights turned off at the same time. In order for everything to work as it should, I must disconnect and reconnect the control at the start of each session. At this time and after trying each package I uninstalled them both because they didn’t solve my problem.

  • @joekamprad said in Problems with the four xbox 360 control LEDs:


    the package alone is doing nothing you need to enable the systemd service, and for steam you need to edit:



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