• Why can't I change default the package manger frontend?

    Was using pamac as was pre-installed, but it stinks so bad that I installed Octopi which seems to be the only other viable option in terms of an Arch-compatible package manager frontend. Now I want to know how I can make it the default and also wondering if it’s safe to barf pamac without harming the system in any way.

  • Octopi will do the same job for you as pamac, and you can savely remove pamac if you do not want it.
    Both package mangement Gui’s are good to search and install, and also on normal updates.

    The only thing i do not like on them is uninstalling, because options are often do not uninstall unnedded dependencies, so i use pacman or yaourt to uninstall packages.

    To get notifications you need only to autostart the /usr/bin/octopi-notifier. (but as i see here it do this automaticly)

  • @KYJazzyJeff you are happy and running octopi?

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