• Umlaute shown as "?" in LibreOffice


    I am trying to open a xlsx document in LibreOffice calc. I use “Unicode UTF-8” and “German-Switzerland” when I open the file.


    Like this it had been working for years. No I see only “?” signs instead of “ö,ä,ü”.


    I tried it with “LibreOffice-still” (5.3 branch) since someone suggested that on “Ask LibreOffice” but that didn’t change anything.

  • The weird thing is that if I correct the missing Unicode letters Calc shows them correctly.

  • but if the file is not utf8 than use another encoding instead may help?

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  • That might help indeed but it used to work before. How do I know how the file was created? It also works with another file from the same source…

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