• no internet/wifi icon in mate

    i installed mate desktop alongside my kde.

    I really liek the feel and look of it a lot . but when i installed it i cant connect to the internet because there is no wifi icon. So far everything else seems to be working fine except there is no internet icon in the top panel on the right where sound, battery, time, etcetera are

    Anyone know how to get wifi icon in mate panel ?

  • Check if the Networkmanager and Networkmanager Applet (nm-applet) is installed?

  • @cookiedemon
    Hi! it’s working on my notebook.

    1. See if you have the “notification area” app added to your panel. In case you need to add and it doesn’t appear, logoff and login to see if will work
    2. try reinstalling networkmanager with sudo pacman -S networkmanager
  • @AgentP i just installed it , and now i have the icon, though it isnt working, i can see networks , but i cant connect to any . when i click on a network it just disconnects immediately in less than 1 second. Its basically just a network scanner , all it does is list networks, but i cant connect to my network like i can in kde, So its useless, are there any other alternatives ?

  • @fernandomaroto i installed it and tried reinstalling , and restarting my laptop, but it doesnt work , all it does is show networks around me, but i cannot connect to any , it disconnects immediately whenever i select a network .

    What i need is a network program that also lets me connect to networks instead of just only listing them , like in kde i can see all the networks , but at the same time i can connect to them . you know any special program that lets you connect to a wifi in mate ?

  • @cookiedemon
    as far as i know the mate panel “notification area” should work…
    what happens when you launch network-manager-applet in terminal? (should appear an icon in your notification area click it to config/enable/disable connection)

  • @fernandomaroto
    it says command not found, but it is enabled , all it does is list networks, but you can’t actually connect to any of them
    alt text
    is there another mate network software ?

  • @cookiedemon oops
    to run you need to type this in terminal nm-applet

    Do you have 2 apps to manage network? http://prntscr.com/gfh8g4

  • @fernandomaroto
    oh typing nm-applet doesnt show anything in terminal

    and no i dont, that thing on the left is just a panel aplet called mate
    removing it and restarting doesnt do anything either.

    but at this point im done ,unfortunatly none of these things are working.I realize it is impossible to have more than 1 desktop installed

  • Doesn’t this problem have to do with KDE and Mate conflicting with each other?
    if so, then your conclusion is right. KDE and Gnome alongside don’t work that smooth either.

  • @cookiedemon i understand hehehe.
    Well what i was expecting after you launched nm-applet is that a new icon would appear at notification area, which would have the network functions for you.
    I don’t believe is a desktop conflict with the other, though i can’t confirm and am out of ideas to help you further…

  • @bpoerwo yeah i suppose, cuz i originally did a kde install,then i installed mate out of curiosity which i really liked and now i cant decide , so i wanted to just keep both , but if you install mate by kde it doesnt work good , there are some problems and a little pollution.

    so i feel a little mad

  • @cookiedemon ah, now something came to mind: did you install only mate or mate-extra too? (there are many things in the extra package, would you mind to try again just to be sure?)
    i mean:
    sudo pacman -S mate mate-extra

  • @fernandomaroto no new icons appeared, when i log onto mate nm-applet is started right away, i saw it in the mate monitor , even when i stop that process and then restart it i still get same results that says
    "Disconnected " right away

  • @fernandomaroto ok so i just installed mate-extra, but that didnt do anything except a 54mb download , logging out and restarting didnt work either . so yeah it is pretty much impossible to have mate installed alongside kde with working internet

  • @cookiedemon
    hehehehe, ok then, i’m out of ideas too :(

  • If you still are interested after all your unsuccessful tries, try installing Mate on a separate partition? In that case you have two clean installs without conflicts.

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