• minecraft server not working


    I’m having problems with installing minecraft server 1.12.1
    I tried installing it as advised by the arch wiki. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Minecraft#Server
    I succesfuly installed it from the AUR, ran the server and it didn’t give an error but the EULA didn’t appear in /srv/minecraft/eula.txt as it should.
    these are my steps:

    $ yaourt -S minecraft-server
    $ minecraftd start

    I also tried

    $ sudo systemctl start minecraftd

    Neither worked, if anyone could help me that would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

  • @Hans_Bouwman said in minecraft server not working:


    ==> Adding minecraft system group…
    ==> Adding minecraft system user…
    ==> NOTE: The world data is stored under /srv/minecraft and the server runs
    ==> as minecraft user to increase security.
    ==> NOTE: Use the minecraft script under /usr/bin/minecraftd to start, stop or backup the server
    ==> and the configuration file under /etc/conf.d/minecraft to adjust it to your liking.
    ==> NOTE: For the server to start you have to accept the EULA in /srv/minecraft/eula.txt
    ==> which is generated after the first server start.

    ╰─➤ /usr/bin/minecraftd
    This script was design to easily control any minecraft server. Quite every parameter for a given
    minecraft server derivative can be altered by editing the variables in the configuration file.

    Usage: minecraftd {start|stop|status|backup|restore|command <command>|console}
        start                Start the minecraft server
        stop                 Stop the minecraft server
        restart              Restart the minecraft server
        status               Print some status information
        backup               Backup the world data
        restore [filename]   Restore the world data from a backup
        command <command>    Run the given comman at the minecraft server console
        console              Enter the server console through a screen session
    ╭─[email protected] ~  
    ╰─➤  /usr/bin/minecraftd start                                                                                                                                                                                                             1 ↵
    Starting server... done
    ╰─➤  /usr/bin/minecraftd status
    Status: running
    Number of processes = 3 (screen, bash, 1 x server)
    Total memory usage = 280.906 MB
  • [[email protected] ~]$ /usr/bin/minecraftd start
    [sudo] password for hans: 
    Starting server... done
    [[email protected] ~]$ /usr/bin/minecraftd status
    Status: stopped
    [[email protected] ~]$ 

    The first time you start the server this should happen, it immediately closes because it creates a bunch of files (including the EULA, which I have to accept) in the /srv/minecraft directory. But instead it doesn’t create the files at all.

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