• How to get thumbnail preview for .psd and .xcf files?

    Im using antergos kde version , but i dont get the thumbnail previes for certain filetypes i need. linux might be a bad OS choice because i cant see preview thumbnails of my .xcf , and .psd files in the file manager like i can on windows. Is it possible to get thumbnail previews for those ?

  • check if you have kimageformats and qt5-imageformats installed.
    If yes try reinstalling them.

  • @joekamprad wow installing those actually works , i now get previews for my xcf and psd files in dolphin, grax

  • @cookiedemon said in How to get thumbnail preview for .psd and .xcf files?:

    linux might be a bad OS choice

    You are welcome!
    and may you will see that Antergos is not that bad choice ;)

  • Don’t judge an operating system by the lack of thumbnails out of the box ;) If f*cking DirectX would work with Linux, I’d have kicked Windows from my hard drive ages ago.

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