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    Hello all,

    I have a newbish question. I have installed Shutter and assigned a command to print key as follows: “shutter -s” which works, but when I try to run this when Shutter is already running it just closes the app and so I have to press the key once again and wait until Shutter starts and take the screen shot, which is kinda undesirable.

    Is it possible to change the command to be called on the already running process of Shutter?

    I use Cinnamon.


  • @allul Hi friend!
    I don’t use it, but what about shutter -s &

  • @fernandomaroto thank you for your reply. Unfortunately that doesn’t work, moreover when it’s executed with the ampersand and parameter -s together, it doesn’t even take the screenshot.

  • @allul ok, i don’t know then, let’s wait for someone else to help you.

  • @allul question for me is : why you need shutter instead of gnome-screenshot or other?

    If you want something with an enhanced config: lightscreen
    It is a qt-app but have a tray icon and uploadoption.

  • @joekamprad what I would like to have is a quick option to area printscreen with quick edit (such as highlighting), following copy to clipboard.

    I actually switched to lightscreen which is nice (i love to see current area size), but still I miss the option to edit the picture.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @allul then i’d recommend you to use lightshot install it through playonlinux. Also set to launch at startup cause playonlinux may take long to load if your in a hurry

  • @fernandomaroto oh, I’ll probably never install a Windows app on my Antergos, so this is not the solution for me.

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