• USB Stick hangs on Bootlogo

    Hi all,

    I have made a boot Stick with Lili USB Creator with Antergos. But the Stick cant boot … Still Loading boot screen with logo …

    Its a brand new Laptop Legacy boot is on und secure boot is off. Whats wrong ??

    Thanks for your help!

  • LiLi worked fine a decade or so ago, but not nowdays. Antergos Wiki explains how to prepare a bootable Antergos LiveUSB here.

  • thanks just.

    now it works but now i have another problem. i installed antergos succesfully but after restart the laptop restart again and again i saw for a quick moment the blue antergos window then it restart directly again i cant take a choice …

  • Never heard before about something similar. Can you boot at least into runlevel 3, i.e., into the bash shell?

    It’s better to open a new thread, to not go off-topic here.

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