• Is it possible to put all menus in French on mate?

    I just installed antergos mate on a laptop but I have menus that remain in English.
    I can not find the language interface, is it normal?
    Thank you

  • @herve.caramona
    Hi friend!
    I guess it should have worked for you out of the box, unless if you’re on Canada (or some other country where both english/french are spoken) and for some reason the system got lost with lanhuage configs…

  • OK. How do we adjust the languages?

  • @herve.caramona
    which desktop are you using? Check if your DE have “Control Center” or “System configs” there you’ll find language options. Sorry for not being specific but it differs from DE to DE.

  • Hello,
    Thank you for the information, I passed on the desk kde and everything works well with him.
    Thank you

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