• Black screen with lts kernel


    My issue is that if I install linux-lts kernel and try to boot it I am getting just blackscreen but still can accsess tty. If I choose to boot with 4.12 kernel - no issue, everything works. I would stick with 4.12 but cant compile driver for my usb wifi card. Did research that its some kernel issue. It works with lts kernel.
    I suspect that it could be video drivers issue cause Im using gtx 1060. I checked and have only noveau installed. But why with 4.12 it works and with lts black screen?

  • Support for latest nvidia cards on nouveau driver is still work in progress.
    LTS kernel is still linux-4.9.45 without any nouveau support for your GTX-1060 as far as i know, latest Kernel seems to work for you.
    If you need to use linux-lts you can still install nvidia-lts together with it to get your gtx-1060 working.
    But at the moment nvidia-lts is not installable: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/7755/nvidia-lts-update-missing-dependency

  • nvidia lts driver and nvidia lts utils were released with different version numbers, i had the same problem but it was fixed a few days ago, just update your system or use nvidia-installer

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