• UEFI Live USB issue (wont boot)

    Using the antergos-17.8-x86_64 release on a usb3 stick (created simply with lili usb creator from the iso), I am not able to boot in UEFI mode on my skylake build (msi z170z sli plus mother broad)

    I get to the initial boot menu, but then when selecting the first option, the screen blanks for a second and then the system reboots.

    Booting in legacy mode works fine. (But this is not convenient for installation because this system has a large window installation for my kids

  • @lemler3
    Did you disable Secure Boot?
    Or, in the boot menu, you could try: press F4 and select Safe Settings or other options under the F4 menu, and see if it boots properly.

  • @manuel i have found the issue, do not use lili usb creator the program is just to old and hasn’t been updated in a while. i used etcher and everything worked fine after i rebooted minus the grub loader missing the windows boot option but that’s an easy fix. my problem now is i don’t know how to marked this as solved

  • @lemler3
    Good that it is solved!
    To mark this, Just click the small icon left from Chat Quote Reply and select what you want.
    Edit: dd is a reliable choice for writing an ISO to a USB stick.
    dd bs=4M if=yourisofile.iso of=/dev/sdX status=progress && sync
    where /dev/sdX is the USB stick device.

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