• I686 kenel problem on boot

    Installing antergos minimal on my Asus eepc (atom) i have this problem:
    this kernel requires x86-64 cpu but only detect an i686 cpu
    Unable to boot
    What solution can I use?

  • Antergos no longer produces a i686 ISO. It is 64-bit only and has been for a year or so, about.

    Your only real-world choice is to go with an non-Arch based distro that has decided to maintain a 32-bit version for the forthcoming future.

    Sorry. I face the same choice with my 2009 i686 Acer Aspire One Netbook.

  • I thought it was an arc problem
    but I tried manjaro 17.0.2 xfce …for now iut works…
    Unfortunately I have little time, tomorrow I have to leave
    I took my daughter netbook with DoudouLinux
    I wanted a quick and easy solution:laughing::laughing::laughing:
    The less time is available, the bigger the stupid problems
    If manjaro gives me trouble, I will pass to ubuntu 15 lts
    Thank you for your cooperation

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